October 14, 2017

Blue Mountain Chalet Rentals with Hot Tub

From the top of the ski resort at Blue Mountain you have a bird's eye view of the unending beauty of the area, hidden trails & caves, clean clear water ready for adventure. The town of the Blue Mountains and Collingwood is the ideal tourist location that always lives up to expectation. Blue Mountain offers an all year getaway ideal for the whole family, whether for a day, a weekend, week or a season you will find so many things to do.

Its relative isolation from the usual fast paced and noisy city pace offers the best opportunity to reconnect with nature's endowment.

The area is a mix of full time, vacation and weekend properties from chalet rustic to modern styles, all landscaped to excentuate the outdoorsy feel while still upscale and modern. When renting a property guests can expect fully equipped chalet, home or condo with all the features of modern life conveniences. Wi-Fi and cable TV is standard alongside property management that is eager to respond to any issues.

If seeking quiet and cozy quarters, chalets are an excellent choice. Airy rooms with large windows will invite one to spectacular views. They encourage sitting in for a much deserved rest. There are always activities and events of interest going on in the area at any given time, along with all the things that you can always do like hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, boating, golfing, sightseeing, and the list goes on and on.

With so many things to do within a 20 min drive, you can go to Thornbury to see the art galleries and have a lovely dinner, then over the Collingwood to shop, catch a play, to Blue Mountain Resort to play mini golf, and do the ropes course and to Wasaga Beach to build sand castles and swim.

Chalet Rentals Blue Mountain Ontario with Hot Tubs

Access to Gregorian Bay is well within a 5-10 min drive, with many different access points all of differing landscape and experiences to enjoy. Guests will be very pleased with the ever-changing geography that is concentrated in a relatively small area.

Chalets are a distinct trademark characteristic of mountainous spreads, while there are traditional chalet style chalets there are also modern home/cottages that also in the mix. Winter skiing is a major draw to the area, bringing some families up every weekend to their seasonal rental, but ther are many other activities in both winter and summer that the whole family will enjoy.

While cabin, lodges, cottages, towns, condos and bungalow style accommodation options are also available. A traditional style chalet will give you that rustic mountain feel, cozying up infront of the fireplace with a warm drink after an afternoon on the slopes... Once you have gotten used to the experience of a chalet it will remain top choice for each and every visit. You'll have a private feeling being surrounded by snow laden trees.

Chalet with Hot Tub near BLue Mountain

Chalets are a fantastic idea - whether for a group getaway, family holiday or for couples, from a single bedroom to 5 or 6 if needed you can find a chalet that will fit your needs. You will be taken care of while you are here, Managers are ready to receive any issue that springs up.

On the course of an exciting holiday getaway it is comforting to have a welcoming abode that feels like a second home. Any special preferences need to be communicated early on so that the necessary provisions can be made.

All rental properties are maintained by a friendly staff, that keeps the rooms in mint condition. Every effort is invested to ensure guests are taken care of making sure it is a vacation that will be repeated over and over again.

Peak ski season is generally around the months of December to March. Advance booking is recommended to help secure a chalet rentals at Blue Mountain Village . Avoid the last minute rush and disappointment by making early reservations. Summer Season runs from June through to August. The shoulder seasons however are very beautiful and enjoyable as well, and with lower rates it makes a weekend away an easy option.

Blue Mountain is a hidden gem that will definitely leave an indelible impression to all that grace it. It has an exciting vibe about it that is open for discovery and adventure. If you are considering a vacation here you can't go wrong, from a get away weekend, to a day at the spa, to down hill mountain biking, you'll find the perfect holiday. Click here for our New Years Chalet Rentals Blue Mountain .

At the heart of a well spent holiday time is an inviting, practical and affordable place to stay. Take the time to explore Blue Mountain in your unique way starting out from the comfort of a chalet, to call a home base.