October 15, 2017

Blue Mountain Village Cottage Rentals

Blue Mountain Ontario is known to be one of the most breathtaking destinations in Canada. Regardless if you are only visiting for a few days or are planning on a permanent stay, accommodation should be first in your priority list. Lucky for you, Blue Mountain Ontario is never short of reantal cottages. They are spectacular and will leave you and your family in awe. Even more good news is that, we are willing and able to ease you hassle of finding a cottage for rent. Below is a hint on what to expect from our cottages

Rustic Cottage At Blue Mountain VIllage

If you plan on staying alone, then a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom cottage might suit you. This size saves you money and also feels comfortable, rather than staying in a multi-bedroomed and bathroom cottage when you only use one respectively. You will find immaculately taken care of 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom cottages in Blue Mountain Ontario from as low as $84 per night. Some even cost lower. The best part of it are the services offered. If love the feel that comes with being immersed in a Jacuzzi, then you will gladly be catered for. You will find Jacuzzi-jet tubs in most cottages
In addition to that, the cottages are normally fully fledged. This means that all your furniture, kitchenware and entertainment needs are covered. You basically won't need to shop around for the basic things. More than that is the alluring architecture that most cottages exude. Mahogany-made closets and cabinets, granite countertops and marble floors are some of the things to expect during your stay. You won't find such aesthetics in your average cottage. There is a lot more in store for you such as a fireplace in case you make your trip during winter. The cottages also offer air conditioning and entertainment facilities.

Cottage Rental Blue Mountain Village with Hot Tub

If you are making the trip with family, friends or as a team; Blue Mountain cottages have got you covered. There are cottages with up to 9 or more bedrooms. There are multi-bathrooms as well. This will ensure that there is room for everyone. There are Townhouses that are spacious, which gives you an edge especially if you have young kids who need space to play around. This is also beneficial for pet owners as well as motor owners because it covers for packing space too. In addition to space, the houses are equipped with everything you need for a stay-in home. These include stocked kitchens, comfortable furniture made from the best quality wood such as Mahogany and entertainment systems. Even fun are the heated outdoor pools, Saunas and Jacuzzi that are typical of Blue Mountain Cottages. Regardless of the season of your visit Blue Mountain Resort Cottage Rentals info page, here ensure that you are not inconvenienced by nature's forces. For instance, during winter, you can keep your family warm with the electric fireplace amenity. Air conditioning and cooling systems also ensure that the summer heat does not ruin your stay. There is basically everything suitable for a family stay. Take a trip here with family and friends and everyone will live to remember the whole experience
There are lots of fun activities you can engage in during your stay. The cottages are strategically positioned close to skiing trails and super pipes so that you can freely ski if you visit during winter. If you are new to skiing, Blue Mountain folks will guide you through it. Sounds alluring doesn't it? Snowmobiling and snowboarding are among other activities that you will relish during your winter stay

Cottage Rentals for Golfing BLue Mountain Village

If your staying in the summer there are lots of great golf courses near by. Cottages are within close proximity to golf courses. Monterra Golf and Bear Golf Tee Times are some of the most frequented golf courses. Besides golfing, you can also take part in biking. The Niagara Escarpment is one example of the many exquisite biking terrains that you will find in Blue Mountain Ontario. You can also engage in horseback riding, hiking and much more. All these is made even more fun by the fact that at the end of the day, you will be heading back to your cottage that has everything to offer

Our cottages are strategically positioned to enable you savor the beauty of nature. For instance, you can take part in bird watching, nature walks, picnics and much more.

Are you thinking of visiting Blue Mountain Ontario in Canada, simply contact us today for cottage rentals. We will ensure that you are accommodated in the most sufficient and fully fledged cottages in the region. Our customer services will also leave you nothing but satisfaction. In other words, we will offer you a home away from home

Not matter what time of the year there are always lots of things to do for all ages at VisitBlueMountain.  Book your Cottage Rentals at Blue Mountain Village today and enjoy what the area has to offer.