October 24, 2017

Cottage for Rent at Blue Mountain

There are many Ontario cottage rentals on internet sites, cottage rental agencies and networking sites. It's a hard task to find the right one, agree with all your family and then to check availability and go through a booking process. Here are six important things to think about before you go ahead and book.


Determine how far you are willing to be from a town or at least a general store. Some cottages can be located on the far side of a lake and accessed by a 30-minute drive down a dusty and winding cottage lane. If it's important for your family to be near attractions, restaurants, and activities, make sure you put that on your criteria list. Remember that fast food restaurants are in short supply in cottage country so if you need to be near Tim Hortons or McDonalds, plan accordingly and ask the rental agent or owner before you book.


Cottage rental rates range widely. You can pay from $800 per week for a rustic cabin with few facilities to $8000+ per week for a multi-level mansion with a swimming pool and state-of-the-art theatre system. An average rate for a decent quality cottage for a family of 6 is between $1200 and $1600 for a high season week. This should get you three bedrooms and at least one bathroom. The most popular destinations will command higher rates so if you want to get a great cottage at a good price, consider areas such as Eastern Ontario, the Bancroft region, and north of Parry Sound. You may have to drive another hour to get there, but it could be worth the additional time in the car


Some years ago it might have been unusual to have more than a channel or two on TV, and having a dishwasher was a total luxury. Nowadays, rental cottages are much better equipped, and many have an internet connection, satellite TV, and laundry facilities. Think about what is most important to you and what you would be willing to sacrifice to get the perfect cottage - you may be willing to forego that dishwasher if the cottage has a westerly facing waterfront and sandy beach.

Cottage Rentals in Blue Mountain Ontario


Renting a cottage in Ontario naturally means you want to be on the water. After all, that's what it's all about. However, waterfront can vary dramatically from imposing rocky shorelines with deep water diving, to stretches of sandy beach. Sadly, many rental guests are disappointed when they get to their chosen cottage to find that the description on the listing doesn't match the reality of the property. When booking, make sure you ask searching questions about the quality of the waterfront, so you know you are getting what you expect.

Cottage Rentals by Blue Mountain

The Size of property

Before setting your heart on that 600 sq ft cottage on Wasaga Beach, think about what you will do if it rains. Will your family be comfortable spending time inside for a long period if the weather is bad? If you are traveling with another family, keep in mind that you might need your space at some time, so a property with a living room and a family room could be better than one with just one living area.

Cottage Rentals Blue Mountain Area

Pet friendly

Cottage owners can be very particular about pets. Some just don't like them so please don't expect an owner to accept your pet even if it is the best-behaved dog in the world. Taking a pet to a cottage that is not pet-friendly could result in you being asked to leave, or at least to remove the pet, which could put a real damper on your vacation. Before booking a cottage rental, ensure the owner welcomes pets and check whether they have any restrictions. Some will restrict pets to the hypo-allergenic variety; others will only accept them under a certain weight. You will be expected to keep your pets under control at all times, not to let them run loose or bark, and not to leave them unattended in the property at any time. If you cannot comply with these, it's probably best to leave Fido at home or in kennels.

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