October 24, 2017

Pet Friendly Accommodations at Blue Mountain

Finding a pet friendly vacation rental can be difficult, at VisitBlueMountain we are here to help.  Every year we all like to take a break and take a vacation/holiday in different surroundings. More often than not we have a good idea of where we want to go, and how to get there, but it's the holiday accommodation that poses the real problem!

Where should we stay? What facilities will I find? What facilities do I want? Will I be allowed to do this that and the other? Hotels often seem like the logical way to take a holiday, but guess what! They are so prescriptive! And of course, they can be extremely expensive. That's where VisitBlueMountain stands apart!

Our holiday Rentals websites offer thousands of vacation rentals accommodations for you to choose from while at Blue Mountain. The beauty of using our services is that you can book your entire vacation from the comfort of your armchair and tailor it to your specific needs. You can select your chalet or cottage cave house. Select the number of bedrooms or kitchen facilities; find accommodation that allows for disabilities, decide whether you want a private pool or not. Most important, find it in the exact part of Blue Mountain that you want it, and even decide if it's in the right location for activities and the golf course! Making your own choices makes for a much better holiday experience, and of course, you can save a fortune!

Pet Freindly Accommodation Blue Mountain Resort

Our rentals accommodation rates tend to be much lower than paying for hotels, as when it comes to somewhere to lay your head, you pay one lump sum cost for accommodation, and not per room. So if you're taking a large or small party, you know exactly how much you'll be paying from the moment you book! If you are a group of people from different households, for example, a group of friends then renting holiday villas becomes significantly cheaper as you can divide the costs between yourselves and so as an individual you can stay in a luxury villa in your chosen destination for a very low price.

Our pet friendly rental properties are likely to be less expensive, more specific to you and most importantly more likely to get you the holiday experience you and your hard-working family deserve.

Renting holiday our holiday chalets also has the benefit of allowing you to live in a real home away from home. You will have everything included; separate bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, living room, DVD, television sets, sometimes internet, garden and usually a pool. With the kitchen you can choose to cook yourself, eat out, or a bit of both, again saving you money but also leaves you with the options to do whatever you feel like doing. Maybe you have had an action-packed day, and it feels like so much effort to get ready and go out, so do as you do at home, open the fridge, have some home-cooked food and spend the rest of the evening relaxing in your cottage. Another night you may not want to cook yourself, so you have the freedom of going out and choosing a nice restaurant to eat at.

Pet Freindly Rentals at Blue Mountain Collingwood

Our Cottage and chalet rentals also provide you with plenty of privacy, so you can feel comfortable as you do in your own home. No fighting for sun beds, no need to be considerate of other guests, and no feeling like you are living too close to people you do not know.

With our rentals, you will also see how nice it is not to have to follow the time schedules and rules of hotels. No maid knocking on the door when you are having a lie in after a heavy night, or if you are just choosing to have a relaxing day at camp, you won´t have to vacate for the cleaning duties.

Another way in which renting our holiday cottages allows you to live more comfortably is the amount of space you will have. Usually, in a hotel you will have a family unit living side by side in a small space, sharing floor space and wardrobe space. In a chalet, you have separate rooms, with your wardrobe and storage space so you won´t have to live in a cluttered room or live out of your suitcase. Also with the individual rooms and areas, for example, living room, balcony, bedroom, garden, pool, you won´t be living on top of each other and can relax when you just want that bit of time to yourself.