With the Ownership, having been raised here at Blue Mountain and all of our quality staff all being from this abundant region VisitBlueMountain is uniqually qualified to be able to provide you with recommendations for experiences and excursion. Our recommendations will provide you with a fulfilling experience or excursion for you and your Family and Friends that will allow you to create memories that will last a lifetime.

The Intent of the Local Experience and Excursion

As residents here in The Blue Mountains we have the insight required to give you the little secrets that can, if visited or attended or participated in, that can provide you with that little enhancement to your trip, vacation or staycation, that makes the difference between the same old same old and that lasting memory. It is often that lasting memory that will draw you back hear time and time again.

We are not offering you a fully planned day with these Local Experiences and Excursions however they will be one that will make a difference !

Local Experience and Excursion #1

For many decades now there is a ritual that the visiting public undertakes on that morning of the Sunday departure day and that is to gather at breakfast after the packing up of one's possessions to prepare for the trek back home. This is the time to talk about the memories of what has occurred over the past 48-72 hours and to laugh about the memories and compare the versions of the events that have occurred. There is an historical location that is perfect for such a gathering and it is called The Olde Red Hen Restaurant. This icon within the breakfast dining market is the perfect "last stop" before the voyage home. It is a place where large or small groups can gather and have a full breakfast and laugh and chat while surrounded by the history of Collingwood and The Blue Mountains while at the same time surrounded by the visitor and the local alike.

It is the perfect offering to allow you to fill your stomach with the sinful breakfast and also top off a memorable stay in our region.

The Olde Red Hen Restaurant is located in Historical Downtown Collingwood at 148 Hurontario Street. For that last day Experience they are open on Sunday's from 7am to 4pm and their phone no. is 705-446-2514.